Joy is…

JOYisLIFE_logoWhat better way to kick off a new chapter in life than by doing one thing new, like start a new blog.

In 2013, as a new mom, I created a blog as a way to share my enthusiasm and bewilderment for the journey of motherhood, of seeing this new life from the very beginning and looking forward to the many years to come. It was a way to share the many different things we discover as new mothers, the ups & the downs, all the firsts, the late nights, the seemingly never-ending pile of diapers and laundry, the doubts and insecurities, the weirdest things we end up searching on Google or posting on social media, hearing mama for the first time, and so on… all the things which, altogether, really made being a mom a joy!

Being a new mom of twins and now a family of five(!), I felt the pull to write about something more, and yet something still attuned to my namesake. Something that would apply not only to motherhood, but could also encompass how we view & deal with the different aspects of life, regardless if we have kids or not.

My previous page the “Joyismom” blog ( focused on motherhood and the joys to be found in it. This new blog broadens that spectrum and explores that, not only motherhood, but life can truly be a joy.

Joy that may not always have to do with the expression on your face, but may sometimes have to do with the expression in your heart.

I’m sure this is not easy, especially during hard times or busy times, but I have faith that it will be well worth the effort. The adventure of a lifetime!



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